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Ecosafe Plus

Foundry Alfe CHEM has developed and tested a new product which represents a breakthrough in the class
of non-flammable hydraulic fluids. Ecosafe Plus is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid particularly suitable to be used in
hydraulic circuits located near sources of heat, due to its complete non-flammability. Ecosafe Plus formulation is
glycol-free and, compared to traditional water/glycol based hydraulic fluids, it allows for easy disposal of the exhausted
fluid and environmental safety. For what concern the technological properties, Ecosafe Plus has a greater compatibility
with most of the seals and the elastomers normally used in hydraulic plants. Ecosafe Plus has also been credited,
according to OECD 310 F, as biodegradable. In addition, Ecosafe Plus has been tested by accredited laboratories with
tribological trials (4 Ball wear test ASTM D 4172, Ball on disc test ASTM D 6425, Brugger test DIN 51347, Vickers
test ASTM D 2882). In particular, the Vickers test has shown a value of wear of the vanes, of the stator and of the rotor
equal to 25% than the one measured after the same period with the competing product; this means that Ecosafe Plus hasĀ anti-wear performances and active lubrication four times higher than the traditional products.

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