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The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) is the association of the world's leading tradeshow organizers and fairground owners, as well as the major national and international exhibition associations, and selected partners of the exhibition industry. UFI approves a certain number of exhibitions and trade fairs organized by its member organizers, upon strict selection criteria.
Since the exhibition organizer of IranMetafo (Nama Negar International Co.) is a full member of UFI and IranMetafo is approved by this association, you can visit IranMetafo's page on UFI website and find facts and figures there.

An exhibition identified as an "UFI approved event" is a proof of high quality, thus providing exhibitors and visitors alike with the assurance of making a sound business investment. Part of the quality process to obtain and maintain “UFI Approved Event” status involves the auditing of exhibition statistics for the total net exhibition space and the number of domestic and international exhibitors as well as the number of visits or visitors. UFI requires that all audits for UFI Approved Events are carried out in accordance with “UFI’s Auditing Rules for the Statistics of UFI Approved Events”, and using the UFI Standard Audit Certificate.

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Product Categories

Minerals and Raw Materials
Iron, Steel and Ferro Alloys
Steel Making Technology
Fabrication Technology
Iron and Steel Mills
Equipment and Machinery
Steel Products Read More..
All Casting Processes
Molding and Molds
Machine Works
Electro Plating
Hot Forging and Cold Forging
Welding & Shearing Read More..
Non-Ferrous Metals (Aluminum, Copper, Zink and Lead)
Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titanium, Etc.)
Exploration, Exploitation and Refinement
Processing and Producing
Machinery and Equipment
Non-Ferrous Products
Maintenance and Repair Read More..
Coal and Foundry Coke
Metallic and Non-Metallic Minerals
Consulting and Geo-Technic
Exploration and Digging
Mining Equipment
Heavy Machinery
Contractor Services Read More..
Industrial Furnaces
Shaped and Unshaped Refractories
Industrial Raw Materials
Industrial Ceramics
Insulating and Fiber Materials
Refractory Equipment and Components Read More..
Industrial Furnaces
Brick and special fireproof materials
Design of furnace refractory layer
Insulating and light refractory castable masses
measurement systems and control cameras of furnace and touch (heat controls)
Eco metals Read More..
Steel and Non-Ferrous Industry Projects
Mining Projects
Electricity, Water and Road Projects
Project Development and Completion
Investment and Project Funding
Contracting, Insurance, Consulting, Etc. Read More..

Why Exhibit?

• Showcase your brand and competitive advantages in a new market
• Meet your potential customers, know their needs and viewpoints
• Speed up the process of your international contracts and sales
• Learn about the opportunities of the region's growing market
• Communicate with regional manufacturers, suppliers and contractors
• Develop a successful network of Business partners in the region


The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)

Iran Metafo is approved by Ufi. You can visit the exhibition page on UFI website.


Exhibition Services

Iran Metafo organizer provides you with a full service of exhibiting, travelling and all what you need.


Previous Exhibitions

Every year, Iran Metafo gets hundreds of industrial companies and experts together. Exhibitor lists of previous exhibitions are available…


Sponsorship Opportunities

You can highlight your brand seizing the sponsorship opportunities offered within the exhibition.


About Orginizer

NamaNegar International Co. is an international event organizer, working towards opportunity provision for companies and individuals, with an immense experience in exhibition organizing and the membership of:

Our mission is to design a networking platform between manufacturers, international suppliers, traders, investors, experts, and end users to provide them with a multiple opportunity for sales and learning.

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